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RESULTS: Round 2, Game #1

Results – Game #1, Round #2

Jones defeats Ammazzini; Kirby defeats Curd; Wright defeats Kullman; 

Jamieson defeats Bjornson; Clark defeats Venderbos

Teams are reminded to bring your dessert for our Pizza Lunch next week.

All our jitney members are invited to join us.

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RESULTS: Week #9

Champion of Champions – Australia

Bjornson defeats Clark;  Kullman defeats Ammazzini;  Venderbos defeats Kirby;  Curd defeats Jones;  Jamieson defeats Wright

Congratulations to Team Venderbos (Gerry V, Betty Grundy & Joan Rasmussen) on winning the Fall Meet with a record was 7 – 1 – 1. 
The Fall Meet was the first of three meets ending in April 2019. In our season’s Championship Series points are awarded based on the top five finishers of each of the three meets (Fall, Winter and Spring). Based on the Fall Meet results the following CS points are awarded:

1st place – Venderbos – 5pts
2nd place – Bjornson – 4pts
3rd place – Jones – 3pts
4th place – Ammazzini – 2pts
5th place (tie) –  Jamieson, Kullman, Wright – 1pt 

Mark you calendar   –   19 December is our Christmas luncheon.  Please sign up with Donna or Gerry for your pizza lunch.

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RESULTS: Week #5

Jones defeats Kirby, Jamieson defeats Kullman, Ammazzini defeats Clark, Bjornson defeats Curd, Wright and Vanderbos Tie.


Ammazzini –       4-1-0
Jones –                  4-1-0
Bjornson –           3-1-1
Vanderbos –        3-1-1
Kirby –                    3-2
Clark –                    2-3
Jamieson –             2-3
Kullman –            1-3-1
Wright –               1-3-1
Curd –                      0-5

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AUSTRALIA – Team Canada and Team USA

at Champion of Champions

Jerome Kirby & Mary Wright from Canada

  • Jamieson defeats Clark
  • Kirby defeats Bjornson
  • Venderbos defeats Jones
  • Ammazzini defeats Curd
  • Kullman defeats Wright.

If you weren’t at the game this week, our holiday bowl is on December 19th. The plan is to have pizza for lunch. There will be a sign-up sheet in the coming weeks for those who are interested. Cost will be $5.00. Teams may be asked to bring a dessert on behalf of their team. Also note there is no bowling on Boxing Day, December 26th.  The following Wednesday, Jan 2nd, 2019, will be an all-day Jitney. Think of some fun things we could do to spruce up the day. 

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Week 3 Results

Wright defeats Ammazzini, Kirby defeats Curd, Venderbos defeats Jamieson, Jones defeats Clark, Bjornson and Kullman tie.

Summary and Highlights

Team Jones remains the only team undefeated after three weeks. Team Bjornson and Kullman drew the first tie of the Fall meet. Ironically, John and Brian tied in each set of their match at the Indoor Championship in BC. Brian did, however, prevail in the tie-break. Rick K. has a new moniker “ripster”. Something to do with going straight down the middle on Rink 3. Thank you to all our spares who come out with little or no experience on the new surface and do great. See you next week.


Jones                            3  – 0

Bjornson                     2  –  0  –  1

Ammazzini                 2    1

Venderbos                   2    1

Clark                             2    1

Kirby                             2    1

Wright                         1  –  2

Kullman                       0  –  2  –  1

Jamieson                      0  –  3

Curd                              0  –  3

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For those of you who are members of PTFC, and that is almost 100% of our league, please be reminded that Brenda would like your Grey Cup tickets turned in as soon as possible.  You can bring them to her tomorrow at Gateway, or to our PTFC Annual Meeting on Saturday, 26 October at Tuxedo LBC at 1:30 PM.  If you haven’t sold all of yours, others may be looking for some to sell.



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Results from Week #1 and #2 as submitted by G. Chudrick, convenor


Week #1:  Ammazzini defeats Jamieson; Jones defeats Kullman; Venderbos defeats Curd; Bjornson defeats Wright; Clark defeats Kirby

Week #2:   Jones defeats Wright; Clark defeats Curd; Bjornson defeats Jamieson; Kirby defeats Kullman; Ammazzini defeats Venderbos

“A lot of close contests to the start of the season on October 10th.  Three of the five games were decided by no more than three points.  The surface was new and challenging to all players but did not affect the level of competition.  The newly minted team skipped by first timer, Jamieson, scared Team Ammazzini and will be heard from.

After two games, the teams of Ammazzini, Bjornson, Clark and Jones remain undefeated.  Of note, Team Ammazzini has two wins from a combined total of two points.  Team Kirby rebounded in week two with it’s first win while team Venderbos suffered it’s first loss to the resilient Ammazzini team.  Teams Kullman and Curd are shopping for a lawnmower but will be there soon.  It’s early so stay tuned!.